People Make it Work

Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:

Church Council Members*

Bill Duggan, President 

Barb Heffner, Vice President and Finance

Melissa Raddatz, Secretary and Worship & Music

Susan Callahan - Outreach

Linn Kracht - Property

Nancy Wozniak 
Sue Eifler - Christian Life
Barb Remaley - Worship & Music

Gary Goodykoontz - Financial Treasurer

Jan Ludwig - Financial Secretary

Committee Chairperson*

Property - Dave Marquette & Duane Eifler

Worship & Music - Susan Renee

Outreach - Linn Kracht

Christian Life - Amber Sheppard

Stewardship & Finance - (open)

Christian Life Committee

Sue Eifler

Bruce Hagadorn

Barb Heffner

Melissa Heffner, Council Liaison

Joyce Jackson

Karla Kopp

Karen Lukowski

Susan Renee, Co-Chair

Ken Reichkitzer

Tammy Reichkitzer

Amber Sheppard, Co-Chair


Endowment Committee*

Jamie Brown

Dennis Struble

Austin Raddatz

Karla Kopp

Finance and Stewardship Committee

Harold Bruns, Committee Chair

Bill Duggan

Gary Goodykoontz

Barb Heffner

Jan Ludwig


Mutual Ministry Committee*

Karen Lukowski

Russ Carney

Harold Bruns

Mimi Fobear

Barb Heffner

Ken Tsuchiyama 


Outreach Committee

Susan Callahan, Council Liaison

Joyce Jackson

Linn Kracht, Committee Chair

Jackie Luke

Gale Mason

Nancy Wozniak

Property Committee

Harold Bruns

Duane Eifler, Committee Co-Chair

Frank Egland

Jan Ludwig

Bob Lukowski

Dave Marquette, Committee Co-Chair

Susan Renee

Craig Owen, Council Liaison


Worship and Music Committee

Melissa Heffner

Melissa Raddatz

George Pendill

Susan Renee - Council Liaison

Gary Goodykoontz

January 16, 2021


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