Saint Peter Earth Keepers (S.P.E.K.)


S.P.E.K is an effort by St Peter members to be faithful to God's command to care for the creation. The guiding principle is; As Christians, our faith compels us to be stewards of God's creation. We will, as S.P.E.K. demonstrate, educate, and advocate for the conservation, preservation, and protection of God's creation.  We seek and welcome the involvement of all of the St. Peter family as we carry out this calling.

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SPEK has purchased, (Memorial Funds) some small glass plates for use during hospitality and other events.  Please consider using them like the coffee cups to save on waste. They are located by the large glass plates.  Thanks.

S.P.E.K. (St. Peter Earthkeepers)
“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it.” (Psalm24:1) As Christians we acknowledge this word of Scripture that suggest God is the creator of all that is.  Scriptures, also, talk about humans being God’s caretakers on the earth.  The ELCA in 1993 adopted a social statement titled, ’Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice’ which provides some guidance as we seek to be the caretakers. (Social Statement available at St. Peter).

So who are S.P.E.K.?  We are presently a small group of St. Peter members who have as the guiding principle to  ‘demonstrate, educate, and advocate for the conservation, preservation and protection of God’s creation’ through a variety of activities and programs at St. Peter.   We are committed to challenging each other and St. Peter as a faith community to continue to seek ways of being better earthkeepers; to better show are love for all of God’s creation.

From our relationships at St. Peter we know that many of St. Peter members as a result of their faith, are individually or as a family involved in ‘earthkeeping ‘ in some way.   For that we are all thankful!

But, we ask this question often;  ‘Are there things that we do at St. Peter in all our ministries that could be done in a different way that would reflect our commitment to our earthkeeping principle?  
Watch for our new mascot ”SPEK”.  He is a small but mighty, committed, Christian ‘character’ who will be sharing ideas, asking questions, and speaking out on a variety of earthkeeping topics.  Keep your eyes alert for SPEK.

If you have an idea about improving our earthkeeping at St. Peter, please talk to one of the following St. Peter members; Linn Kracht, Sue Heeres, Susan Renee, Cheryl Tsuchiyama, Susan Callahan and Joyce Jackson.

St. Peter's Earth Keepers (SPEK) - A recycling bin is located in the storage room off the kitchen for recyclable items used at church.  Recycling of stryofoam, toothpaste and containers, batteries, and light bulbs is, also available. 


Here are a few contacts that may assist in keeping updated on Earthkeeping issues:


Contact Linn Kracht with comments/questions.

August 11, 2020

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