about ST PETER

St Peter Lutheran Church is an open community of faith where all are invited to worship, learn, grow, care, and be cared for. Visitors are welcome to participate in any and all opportunities St Peter has to offer.

St Peter Lutheran Church is a fellowship of believers anchored in

God's Word and Sacraments. With thankful hearts we seek:

To Be A Community;

warm, nurturing, Christ-centered,

based in God's love;

To Equip Members

through worship, education, spiritual support and fellowship

so they may live out their faith in word and action;

To Reach Out

in love and compassion,

witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ;

To Minister

 to the physical and spiritual needs of our community,

the nation, and the peoples of the world as God gives us strength and purpose

The Christian symbol for Saint Peter is the upside-down cross and crossed keys. Tradition has it that Peter and the Apostle Paul suffered martyrdom on the same day, June 29, in the year 67, and that Peter was crucified upside down.

March 06, 2021


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